Call for Papers

Due by February 12, 2019 (Extended)

We are pleased to announce the call for papers for the seventh FLEAT (International Conference on Foreign Language Education and
Technology) Conference at Waseda University. The theme of this year’s conference is “Language Learning with Technology Facing the Future,”
and it is meant to associate foreign language learning with the fields of science and technology. Researchers, practitioners, CALL enthusiasts, users, developers of computer technology for teaching and learning are invited to participate in the FLEAT VII Conference by submitting a paper or workshop proposal.

Potential themes include but are not limited to:

Learning and Teaching Environment
Gamification and Virtual Reality
Telecollaboration and CMC
Online Teaching Learning Environment
Autonomous and Lifelong Learning
Mobile-Assisted Language Learning
Formal and Informal Language Learning
Corpus and Language Learning
Social Media
Pedagogy and Learning Designs
Teacher Education and Professional Development
21st Century Skills for Learning and Teaching
Material Development
Collaboration and Problem-Solving
New Perspective of Foreign Language Learning
New Research Trends in CALL
Ecology of Language Learning
Critical Literacy
Digital literacies
Brain Science and Language Learning
Artificial Intelligence and Language Learning
Assessment for Learning
Motivation and Autonomy
Instructional Approaches and Methods
Curriculum and Materials Development
Teacher Education and Development
Other Relevant Topics

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals should be submitted online:
When submitting a proposal, please provide the information below:

  • Speaker Details: Name, affiliation (academic institution or business), email address, LET/IALLT member ID (if you are a member) and others for first speaker and other speakers. All the presenters (including second, and other additional presenters) are required to register and participate in the conference.
  • Presentation Type: Research Presentation/Practice Report (25 minutes, including 5 minutes of Q and A), Interactive Poster Session or Public Symposium (90 Minutes).
  • Language: English is encouraged in FLEAT VII. However, you may choose Japanese. In this case, English title is obligatory.
  • Abstract: No more than 300 English words or 600 Japanese characters. This will appear in the conference handbook and also be read as part of the selection process for the conference.
  • Keywords: Please list 4 keywords to classify your presentation.

The call for papers opens on December 17th, 2018 and closes on February 12, 2019 (Extended).

Proposals must be submitted by February 12, 2019 (Extended). Notifications of accepted proposals will be sent via email at the end of March 2019.

NOTE 1: Submitting a proposal does not register you automatically for the conference. Conference registration is a separate process. All the accepted speakers are required to register an early-bird registration.

NOTE 2: Presentations can be conducted in English (encouraged) or in Japanese. If you choose to present in Japanese, an English title is obligatory when submitting a proposal.

NOTE 3: In order to provide a greater opportunity for more people to present at the conference, multiple submissions to Research Presentation/Practice Report and Interactive Poster Session by the same first author are NOT accepted.

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