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■ The Treasure Hunt Club No. 94 (2013年06月10日)

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■ The Treasure Hunt Club No. 94
June 2013 Treasure Hunt
Marcel Van Amelsvoort
Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Language and
Culture Studies

Hello everyone. This month’s column is about learning―self-
accessed, self-paced, self-driven learning. To get started, please
take a look at Josh Kaufman’s March, 2013 TED talk.
Yes, it’s overly simplistic, but the optimistic message is that
when it comes to acquiring demonstrable skills (yes, even language
skills), 20 hours (or 45 minutes a day for a month) can be enough to
make serious progress. Of course, it’s not just the amount of time,
but a focused learner can do a lot. With that in mind, I’d like to
introduce some places where language learners might want to apply
their 20 hours. Readers of this column are aware of many sites that
can be used for self-study. English Central, Elllo, Quizlet, and TED
-Ed are some of my favorites that just keep getting better and
better, and if you are not familiar with them, go now and check them
English Central:
Elllo: http://www.elllo.org/
Quizlet: http://quizlet.com/
TED-Ed: http://ed.ted.com/

But here are some sites that are not as well-known as those four:

First up is Videojug. It is a Youtube-based learning platform for
learning almost anything you can imagine. There are videos for how
to tie a tie, how to do an Australian accent, and how to kiss well,
for example. http://www.videojug.com/

If you would like to practice grammar, The Virtual Grammar Lab is a
good place to start. You choose the grammar point you want to learn
and the type of activity. Teachers can also create accounts and see
how much their learners have done. http://www.spunkyenglish.com/VGL/

SpellBee is a spelling game. You register and then compete in
spelling challenges. It’s possible for teachers to create a virtual
classroom by registering their learners. If you do this, you can
monitor your learners’ progress.

That’s it for this month. I can be found on Twitter (@Marcelva)
where I tweet regularly on ed. tech., gameful design, and EFL. And
if you are a junior or senior high school teacher, you can get lots
of good information and ideas via @AcademiaEFL.