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The Treasure Hunt Club No. 86 (2012年10月09日)

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■ The Treasure Hunt Club No. 86
October 2012 Treasure Hunt
Odds and Ends: Lino, Memrise, Bingo Cards, Story
Starters, and Real-time Trains
Marcel Van Amelsvoort
Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Language and
Culture Studies

Hello again. This month Ive got another collection
of various sites.

First up is a handy tool for people who like to
add notes to things. Are you a fan of sticky notes
such as post-its? Then you might be interested in
Lino, a canvas and sticky note tool available for
browsers or mobile devices. There are lots of
potential uses for interactive or collaborative
In English: http://en.linoit.com/
In Japanese: http://ja.linoit.com/

Next is Memrise, a new vocabulary learning tool
that is a collaboration between a memory Grand
Champion and a Princeton neuroscientist. It aims
to combine scientific methods with fun and
community. It's still a little short of content (
unlike the incredibly popular Quizlet) but it is a
good system and I thought the learning interface
was good. It has a lot of pointing and clicking,
but the items are spaced and recycled nicely. It
also has a more game-like progression.

Many teachers use Bingo for vocabulary, especially
as a review activity. Here is an online card-
making site that you can use. I also use it for a
fun listening recognition activity.

Getting started on a story is often the most
difficult part. But one possible way is to use a
web-based prompt. The best I’ve seen is Story
Starter Jr.. When students hit the button on the
web site, the system provides them with the first
line of a story. It’s a nice little prompt that
gives a character, an action, and a location.

Finally, I’m not sure how you could use this last
site in a language lesson, but it is so cool that
I wanted to share it. It’s an interactive map
that shows the movement of trains in Japan in real
time. It’s really amazing.

That’s it for this month. See you next time.