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No. 70 Creative Writing (2011年05月10日)

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■ The Treasure Hunt Club No. 70
May 2011 Treasure Hunt
Creative Writing
Marcel Van Amelsvoort (Kanagawa Prefectural College of Foreign Studies)

Writing is one skill that gives a lot of teachers headaches. Teachinglearners how to compose correct sentences, paragraphs, and essays isdifficult and time-consuming. This month, however, I’d like tointroduce some sites with a writing focus, but a little different fromthe standard. Some of these are sites where you can have your learnerspractice writing that is more creative and less focused oncorrectness. These can be fun and can get learners to think moredeeply about vocabulary and expression and might be good for anyclasses, not just writing classes. Others can help with accessingvocabulary or sharing writing among learners.

First up is Phrasr. Just type in a phrase of English and Phrasr addsFlickr images for each component. This might be a good way to getlearners to try out new vocabulary and think about whether the imagesmatch the meaning.http://www.pimpampum.net/phrasr/

Next is FickrPoet. It does almost the same thing as Phrasr but forlonger texts. For example, I just tried it for the first paragraph ofthis column with interesting results. This could be great fun when wewant learners to read each other’s writing.http://www.storiesinflight.com/flickrpoet/index.php

Wallwisher allows you to create a web-based message board of stickynotes. There are quite few possible uses for this―sharing opinions,facilitating discussions, making group presentations, etc.http://www.wallwisher.com/

Type With Me creates an interactive web-based document that can allowmultiple users to work on it at the same time. It’s a little likeGoogle Docs, but more visually organized.http://typewith.me/

If you would like to focus a little more on language generation, thereis PhraseUp, a site that helps you complete phrases or fixedexpressions. You simply add an asterisk for the part you can’tremember or aren’t sure of, and PhraseUp provides possible versions. Itried an old quotation (nothing is * and not even that.) and a shortphrase (we * the river). Both gave me good assistance in completingthe sentence. http://www.phraseup.com/