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No. 63 Learning with Pictures (2010年10月10日)

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This month the topic is learning with pictures and I’d like tointroduce some sites that helpstudents to learn vocabulary by making use of the power of images. Thefirst two siteschosen for this column are most appropriate for younger learners orlearners of lowerproficiency while the last two could be used effectively with any learners.

First up is Learning Chocolate. This site features more than 65topics, and each topicintroduces about 10 vocabulary items. Nice use is made of images andsound and learnersare asked to complete several steps, each with a slightly differentfocus: a very nice visuallearning tool. http://www.learningchocolate.com/?st_lang=en

The Online Picture Dictionary. Here you can make your own flashcardcollections orspelling or word quizzes. The vocabulary is limited but teachers ofyounger learners mightfind this a nice source of images and simple activities.http://www.pdictionary.com/

Merriam-Webster’s Visual Dictionary Online is a great visualdictionary. It’s verycomprehensive and you can use it with learners of all ages. There areoptions for each topicso you can get more specific if you want to, and audio pronunciationsare also available. Youcan even use the graphics you find here for your blog if you cite the source.http://visual.merriam-webster.com/index.php

And lastly, I have introduced Quizlet in this column before a fewtimes, but many quizzesare now available on Quizlet with pictures. Here’s an example:http://quizlet.com/2093681/acs-esl-fruit-flash-cards/