The Japan Association for Language Education & Technology (LET)
The 60th National Conference (Online)
Call for Papers(Abstract submission closed)

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we would like to invite you to take part in the 60th National Conference of LET 2020 (originally scheduled in 2020 and canceled due to COVID-19) which has been rescheduled for August 20-22, 2021 We invite you to submit your proposal and to participate in order to share your achievements in the fields of language education and technology. We look forward to seeing you online!

LET 2020 Organizing Committee.

Conference Theme

Universal Design in Foreign Language Education: Current Issues and Needs

Keynote Speakers

Takeda, Keiichi (LD Center, Osaka Medical College)
Iijima, Mutsumi (Gumma University)

Important Dates

Opening for Proposal Submission                        February 10
Submission Deadline (proposal abstract)             April 26
                                                                              (no later than 23:59 (JST))
Acknowledgment of Receipt                                 within 3 days after submission
Notification of Acceptance (by mail)                      April 30
Deadline for withdrawal of presentation                May 10
Electronic Proceedings Paper Due                        May 31
Draft Program Available on the Website                mid-June
On-demand video presentation data due              July 12
Deadline for registration                                         July 31
Release of on-demand video presentations           August 13
Conference                                                             August 20-22

Conference fees:

2,000 yen (students: 1,000 yen)
(Required to register for the conference from June 1 to July 31)

Presentation Categories

LET 2020 encourages the following types of submissions:

  • Research presentation: Oral presentation of theoretical or empirical research in the areas of foreign language learning, SLA (second language acquisition), language science, or related areas.
  • Classroom report: Oral presentation relating to the teaching methodology and/or materials developed for foreign language learning, or development/utilization/assessment of systems.
  • Symposia: Symposia consist of a set of thematically focused presentations on a particular topic.

Presentation Methods

  • All presentations can be either live-streamed using a Zoom conference at a designated time during the conference, or on-demand streaming of a video recorded in advance.
    Poster presentations will not be accepted for this conference.
  • Live-Streamed presentations (30 minutes including Q&A via Zoom)
  • On-demand presentations (20 minutes and 15 minute Q&A via Zoom)
  • Symposium (100 minutes/70-minute presentations (any combination of videos and live stream) and a required additional 30-minute Zoom session)

Notes on presentation methods

  1. When applying for the presentation, select either live or on-demand distribution type.
    (If you choose a live-streamed presentation, you may be asked to change to an on-demand presentation if time constraints or the number of accepted presentations warrant it.)
  2. For an on-demand presentation, please submit the presentation file (video and audio) by Monday, July 12. It doesn’t matter how you create the file, but the length of the video should not exceed 20 minutes. If you use the copyrighted work of another person, please be careful to check about the copyright. The National Convention Executive Committee will review the videos submitted in advance and request resubmission if the length or content is incomplete or the file is damaged. Please note that the presentation will be canceled if a modified file is not submitted by the resubmission deadline.

Guidelines for submission

The proposal is to be received no later than 23:59 (JST), April 26, 2021. Presenters should include their IALLT ID, contact information (name, affiliation, telephone, and fax number, address, and e-mail address), presentation categories, title, abstract, and keywords. The proposal should be sent as a Microsoft Word Document attachment via e-mail and should be sent to Joseph Tomei <jtomei[at]> (where [at] should be replaced with “@”). In the subject area of the e-mail, please type “Submission for LET 2020”.

The Submission must meet the guidelines below.

【Applicant Requirement】

(1) Prospective presenters (both representative presenters and collaborators) must be IALLT or LET members at the time of submission.

【Contents of Proposal】

(2) The proposal has never been published or presented previously.


(3) The presentation title must be in English.


(4) The abstract should contain the following contents: the significance of the study, research question(s), hypothesis, procedure, methods of analysis, participants, results, and pedagogical implications. As for “Classroom reports / Application reports”, the abstract should contain the following contents: the backgrounds of the present report (including past practices), participants, outline of the present practice, and other relevant information.

(5) All types of presentations must be presented in English.

(6) The abstract must be approximately 400 words long in English.

(7) Presenters must list 5 keywords. The keywords must be written in English.

Ethical Issues

  • Individuals participating in the research/surveys/investigations/experiments should be described as “participants” (not “subjects”).
  • Presenters should protect the confidentiality of the participants and identifying information should not be made available in the abstract.
  • Presenters should avoid the use of inappropriate or discriminatory words or expressions.
  • Be sure not to mention the specific names of associations/affiliations/commercial products unless necessary.
  • Be sure not to violate copyright or other rights.

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