The Japan Association for Language Education and Technology (LET)
60th Annual National Conference Call for Presentations

Universal Design in Foreign Language Education:
Current Issues and Needs

Date: August 20-22, 2021
Venue: Online (On-Demand viewing period August 13-29, 2021)
Application form: LET Homepage (Japanese only)
Application Deadline: April 26, 2021 11:59 PM 

[Session Types]

  1. Research-oriented presentation: Should include theoretical and results of empirical research in fields such as foreign language learning, second language acquisition, and language science
  2. Practice-oriented presentation: Should include results related to the development, use, and measurement of the effectiveness of teaching methods, teaching materials, and learning support systems for foreign language learning
  3. Symposium: A session in which multiple participants present under a unified theme. Can be either research- or practice-oriented.

[Presentation Methods]

  1. All presentations can be either live-streamed using a Zoom conference at a designated time during the conference, or on-demand streaming of a video recorded in advance. Poster presentations will not be accepted for this conference.
  2. Live-Streamed presentations (30 minutes including Q&A via Zoom)
  3. On-demand presentations (20 minutes and 15 minute Q&A via Zoom)
  4. Symposium (100 minutes/70-minute presentations (any combination of videos and live stream) and a required additional 30-minute Zoom session)

  Notes on presentation types

  • 1) When applying for the presentation, select either live or on-demand distribution type. (If you choose a live-streamed presentation, you may be asked to change to an on-demand presentation if time constraints or the number of accepted presentations warrant it.)
  • 2) For an on-demand presentation, please submit the presentation file (video and audio) by Monday, July 12. It doesn’t matter how you create the file, but the length of the video should not exceed 20 minutes. If you use the copyrighted work of another person, please be careful to check about the copyright. The National Convention Executive Committee will review the videos submitted in advance and request resubmission if the length or content is incomplete or the file is damaged. Please note that the presentation will be canceled if a modified file is not submitted by the resubmission deadline.

[Participation Requirements]

  1.  All presenters must be LET members at the time of application in order to apply for the presentation.
    (If you are a new member, you must register as a new member on the LET website and obtain a member ID [new member registration site:].)
  2.  All presenters are required to pay LET dues for the fiscal year 2021 by the time of pre-registration.
  3.  The pre-registration period for the conference is until July 31.

[Presentation content]

  1.  Presentation content should not be previously published material.
  2.  The content should be suitable for either live-streamed or on-demand presentations.



  •  The title must be written in both Japanese and English, regardless of the language of the presentation

[Summary and Keywords]

  1.  The summary of a research-oriented presentation should indicate the significance of the research, the location of the problem, the research question and purpose, hypotheses, procedures, analytical methods, participants, results, and considerations. A practice-oriented presentation summary should include the background (including past practices) leading to the presentation subject, the target learner(s), and outline of the practice content.
  2.  The presentation summary and keywords must be written in the language of the presentation.
  3.  Please don’t forget to include the required five keywords.
  4.  The summary should be about 800 characters (Japanese) or about 400 words (English).
    When applying in a language that is not your native language, be sure to have the title, presentation summary, and keywords by a native speaker of that language before submission.
    When writing Japanese, please only use new JIS standard (JIS X 020) characters.


[Precautions regarding application for presentation]

  1.  A LET Member ID is required to access the “LET2021 Presentation Form”. If you are a new member, log in using the temporary member ID issued by the new member registration site.
  2.  Applicants will be notified of the results by e-mail on or before Friday, April 30.
  3.  Deadline for withdrawal of presentation: Monday, May 10.
  4.  If your presentation is accepted, please submit your manuscript for the proceedings by Monday, May 31.

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