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The Treasure Hunt Club No. 89 (2013年01月08日)

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■ The Treasure Hunt Club No. 89
January 2013 Treasure Hunt
New and Updated Sites for Kids and Young Adults
Marcel Van Amelsvoort
Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Language and
Culture Studies

Hello and Happy New Year! This month I wanted to focus on sites for
younger learners. Some of these are sites that have been around for a
while but that have recently been updated. If you haven't checked them
out lately, you might want to do so now.

First up is PBS Kids. PBS stands for Public Broadcasting Service, kind
of the NHK of the United States. They have a great kids site to
support their child programming, While it is not exactly a language
learning site, it has lots of games that allow kids to have
interactive listening fun in English. The interface is made so you
don't need to be able to read to navigate. http://pbskids.org/

The British Council's LearnEnglish Teens site now features tons of
videos and other learning activities for reading, vocabulary, and
grammar, all with multimedia content and nicely organized and tagged
for easy searching (CEFR levels included). The site also allows for
learner discussions or opinions.

Harry Potter fans now have a new place to hang out with Pottermore, an
interactive site that was launched last year. Explore, play games, and
read new content by J.K. Rowling. Registration is required and the
content only reflects the first volume of the series, but this could
be a great place for some good immersive fun.

The Voice of America (VOA) Learning English site has also been
recently redone. It is now more user-friendly, especially for less-
proficient learners and features much more than just news articles in
American English (http://learningenglish.voanews.com/). Of special
note is the new page of interactive lessons in everyday, business, and
academic English. These would be very nice for learners aiming to
prepare for the TOEIC. There are also interactive wordbooks.

The BBC's Learning English site is another good site for learning
English through news stories and other activities, especially for more
proficient young adults. The content is a little more difficult here
and the focus is on British English, but there are videos to watch,
games to play, and you can chat with other learners from around the
world. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/

That's it for this month. Have a great January and a great 2013!