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At the presentation sites, what equipment will be provided?
For paper presentations and the symposium, there will be at least an electrical outlet for PCs, a projector connection (RGB, D-sub 15-pin jack), LAN connection and microphone. If you make a request, a sound port can also be provided. For courseware showcases, a table, and LAN connection are provided. For poster presentations, a (900 mm by 2100 mm) poster board and a chair are provided, but electric outlets will not be provided. Poster presenters should be sure to bring a sufficiently-charged battery if they plan to use a computer.
At the conference site, will LAN internet connections be available?
Yes. Paper presentations, symposium, and courseware showcases will have cable LAN connections available. Wireless service is also planned. In addition, through NTT West, Flets Spots (hotspots) will be available, but only to Flets subscribers.
What do people hoping to use cable LAN and/or wireless LAN need to do?
Instructions will be given at the conference site.
For participants bringing computers from other countries, what is the voltage in Japan, and are any adapters needed?
In Japan the voltage is 100. In Fukuoka, the system operates at 60 hertz. Participants from some countries may find that they need an adapter to fit Japanese plug outlets (plugs are similar to the North American 2-pin, ungrounded and generally non-polarized) or the local voltage system.
Can I use my computer in my presentation?
Yes. It is strongly recommended that you bring and use your own laptop for your presentation.
Why are you recommending that presenters bring their own laptop to the conference?
When presenters bring only their data files to the conference, problems with opening files, differences with OS or other software compatibility, and font availability, invariably arise. Local PCs in Japan usually run with a Japanese language system that has some differences as well, making it usually difficult and often impossible to replicate the presentation as it was intended on a borrowed local machine. For these reasons, we are strongly recommending that presenters bring their own computers with them. Any presenter who elects to use a locally borrowed computer should be aware that technical support will not be available and you must assume responsibility for any problems that arise.
Can I use a computer installed in the room?
This will likely be possible but the computers available for use by presenters will come with a Japanese language operating system and may not contain the software or software version presenters need. And technical help will not be available.
Can files made on English versions of PowerPoint be displayed on a computer running a Japanese version of Windows?
Well, yes but not always exactly as they were made. Sometimes font differences appear. In addition, the interface is completely in Japanese, so users should either be able to read Japanese or be very familiar with the PowerPoint interface (since the commands are in the same location).
When do I install my presentation file into the computer?
Computers will be in the presentation rooms and they will only be available at the time of the presentation (or shortly before). Please bring your files on USB flash memory or other memory devices that can be quickly accessed.
What font should I use to make a PowerPoint file?
The computers will have Japanese language versions of the operating system and PowerPoint. The interface is the same as the English language versions, but occasionally there are problems going between the two. Please use common fonts only (Helvetica, Arial, Century, Times New Roman, etc.). Rare or unusual fonts often will not display or will display different characters.
What should I do if I want to use special fonts?
You may want to check whether the fonts display on the computers in the computer room before your presentation. You may want to convert some text in special fonts that does not display into images with graphics program before you come to Japan.
Will there be anyone who can provide technical support with the computers that can be borrowed?
There will be staff to help in arranging for computer use but no technical support will be available. Please understand that any technical problems will be your own responsibility.
How should we bring files if we are using a borrowed computer?
Please bring your files on USB (Flash) memory sticks or devices. The computers may be unable to read some files on CD-R or DVD-R disks.
Should we bring along hard copies of our presentations in case of file, software or computer glitches?
It is always a good idea to have a back-up hard copy ready in case or any problems. Several OHCs (Overhead Cameras) will be available for use so that paper-based presentations can also be given. OHPs will not be available, however.
Can I use a microphone in my presentation?
Microphones are available for paper presentations and for symposiums.
Are there copiers I can use at the conference sites?
Yes, copiers are available at the conference sites. (10 yen per copy)

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