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Can I change the title of my presentation?
No, you cannot.
Where are the presentations and workshops to be held?
You can see them at http://www.j-let.org/~wcf/modules/tinyd11/ and http://www.j-let.org/~wcf/modules/tinyd2/ respectively.
Should I prepare handouts for my presentation?
Yes. We ask each speaker to prepare handouts by him/herself.
How many copies of handouts should I prepare if I use handouts?
Approximately 60 to 90. (Sorry, the number of participants in each room is hard to predict)
What size of paper should I use if I use handouts?
There is no set format. We ask each speaker to decide by him/herself.
Will presenters be required to moderate for other presenters?
No. A moderator will be assigned for each room.

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