SC=Session Chair, CD=CALL for Development, RP=Research and Development, R=Research
8:00 Registration Registration 8:00
9:00 Opening Ceremony  (3F Main Hall) Opening Ceremony  (3F Main Hall) 9:00
9:30 Keynote Address 1  (3F Main Hall) Keynote Address 1  (3F Main Hall) 9:30
b  Advancement of Speech Data Processing Technology and the Future of Language Learning  Environments       Advancement of Speech Data Processing Technology and the Future of Language Learning  Environments      b
10:30                                                                (Katsuhiko Shirai)                                                     a-001                                                                (Katsuhiko Shirai)                                                     a-001 10:30
@ Room 409 Room 410 Room 411 Room 412 Room 413 Room 414 Room 502 Room 503 @
@ Teacher Training Tools & Design Collaborative Learning Audio-visual Writing & Blogging Evaluation & Testing Mobile & Media CALL Bridges the World @
@ SC: Hisatake Jimbo SC: Shigeru Yamane SC: Yoshikazu Yanagi SC: Hiroshi Shimatani SC: Natsumi Wakamoto SC: Yoshimasa Awaji SC: Ryu Ito SC: Junko Takefuta @
10:40 d-001    RP d-002   R d-003   RD d-004   RD d-005   RD d-006   R d-007   RD d-008   CD 10:40
b Demystifying teachers' online roles: A pragmatic look at online practice (Tony Cripps)  Mediation, materiality and affordances: Using multimodal online tools for language learning (Regine Hampel) The JKCE Project: Japanese and Korean EFL students communicating online (Christopher Chase) Glexamotion, an audiovisual comprehension learning experience (Akio Ohnishi, Goh Kawai) Voice blogs: An exploratory study of language learning (Yu-Chih Sun) Automated evaluating of local coherence in EFL essays: An application of centering theory (Yongqing Wang) HumTV: New directions for broadcast media in the language classroom (Harold H. Hendricks, Mel Smith) Language teaching with IMI lab: Technology for developing and underdeveloped countries (Indra Charismiadji) b
11:25 11:25
11:30 d-009   RP d-010   RD d-011   RD d-012   RP d-013   RD d-014   RD d-015   RD d-016   RD 11:30
b Collaborative CALL strategy training for teachers and learners (Howard Pomann, Philip Hubbard) Developing courseware to preserve, disseminate and empower "small" languages: The case of modern Greek (Frieda Charalabopoulou, George Carayannis) French Online: The natural bridge between classroom and distance learners (Bonnie L. Youngs, Marc Siskin) Using multimedia projects to integrate language and culture (Sharon Scinicariello) Corpus-assisted creative writing: Adding a monolingual corpus to an intermediate language learners' reference resource toolkit (Claire Kennedy, Tiziana Miceli) Can the intelligent use of half-open questions, based on approximate string matching, improve the effectiveness of CALL environments? (Piet Desmet, Bert Wylin) Improving grammar in 6 minutes: An online Grammar Challenge (Catherine Chapman, Paul Scott) (30 min.) International sharing of learning content and its metadata in language education (Tsuneo Yamada) b
12:15 12:15
12:15 Lunch  Lunch  12:15
b 12:15`13:45             Courseware Showcase  (Room 401/402/403) 12:15`13:45             Courseware Showcase  (Room 401/402/403) b
13.45 12:25`13:35             Commercial Presentations  (2F Multi-Purpose Hall)@ 12:25`13:35             Commercial Presentations  (Newton Inc., UCHIDA YOKO CO., LTD.)  2F 13.45
@ Room 409 Room 410 Room 411 Room 412 Room 413 Room 414 Room 502 Room 503 @
@ Teacher Training Tools & Design Collaborative Learning Audio-visual Writing & Blogging Evaluation & Testing Mobile & Media CALL Bridges the World @
@ SC: Osamu Ohara SC: Toshiko Koyama SC: Shuji Ozeki SC: Toru Nakajima SC: Junichi Azuma SC: Kazuya Kawanami SC: Tomoko Nozawa SC: Etsuko Kakimoto @
13:45 d-017   RP d-018  d-019   RP d-020   RP d-021 d-022   RP d-023   R d-024   CD 13:45
b The use of ICTs in foreign language teaching: The challenges of a teachers' education program (Claudia Beatriz Monte Jorge Martins, Carla Barsotti) Using CALL and computerized dictionaries to maximize vocabulary and language learning (John Paul Loucky) Bridging the world's ESL students: Oceans apart, learning together (Nathan Strenge) Narrated video slideshows: An efficient way to integrate video production into language classes (Sergio Mazzarelli) Teaching to the test with technology (Bernard Susser) Integration of ICT for effective learning, teaching and assessment (Debbie Corder) Mobile learning for Italian: Extending and refining the approach (Claire Kennedy, Mike Levy) New models of college English teaching: integrating CALL in China (Jinguo Mo) b
14:30 14:30
14:35 d-025   RP d-026   RD d-027   R d-028   RP d-029   RD d-030   RD d-031   RD d-032   CD 14:35
b Help shape TESOL's new technology standards (Philip Hubbard, Greg Kessler) Development of a multimodal SNS system for use in language education (Hiroki Ishizuka, Kibler Ronald, Ryuichi Yorozuya)  Facilitating collaborative language learning in a multicultural distance class over broadband networks: Learner awareness to cross-cultural understanding (Yuri Nishihori) Phonics rhymes (Mike Canevari, Ryuji Tabuchi) Metacognitively enhanced writing courseware: Kagoshima Academic Writing Space (Robert J. Fouser, Kikuko Shiina, Takashi Yamanoue) Giving useful feedback on free text open-question activities with NLP (Bert Wylin, Eddy Demeersseman, Piet Desmet) Learning on the move: Applying podcasting technologies to foreign language learning (Wai Meng Chan)  CALL in Turkey: Past, present and future (Sedat Akayoglu, Ferit Kilickaya) b
15:20 15:20
15:25 d-033   RD d-034   R d-035   RP d-036   R d-037   RD d-038   RP @ d-039   RP 15:25
b Practical information on CALL for language teacher training (Tadayoshi Kaya, Akiyo Mineuchi, Takashi Shimada) Intermediate online English: An example of self-access courseware development (Ana Gimeno-Sanz) Learner training through online community (Rachel M Lange) Effects of rhythmic pronunciation practice with animated materials focusing on English prosody (Hideyuki Sonobe, Makoto Ueda, Shigeru Yamane) Writing through CMC modes: Three case studies of integrating CMC in EFL writing courses (Ching-Fen Chang) The online collaborative evaluation of the practice of shadowing (Nobuhiro Kumai) @ Blended learning of Japanese between Tokyo and Taipei (Kaoru Fujimoto) b
15:55 15:55
15:55 Coffee Break Coffee Break 15:55
b 16:00`16:30             Poster Sessions  (5F Lobby) 16:00`16:30             Poster Sessions  (5F Lobby) b
16:30 16:00`16:30             Commercial Presentations  (2F Multi-Purpose Hall) 16:00`16:30             Commercial Presentations  (THE SOCIETY FOR TESTING ENGLISH PROFICIENCY, INC)  2F 16:30
@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
@ Room 409 Room 410 Room 411 Room 412 Room 413 Room 414 Room 502 Room 503 @
@ Teacher Training Tools & Design Collaborative Learning Audio-visual Writing & Blogging Evaluation & Testing Mobile & Media CALL Bridges the World @
@ SC: Marcel Van Amelsvoort SC: Judy Noguchi SC: Ryuichi Yorozuya SC: Yuko Tagami SC: Kazuo Kanzaki SC: Osamu Takeuchi SC: Miyuki Takahashi SC: Akira Mikami @
16:35 d-040   RP d-041   RP d-042   R d-043   RP d-044   R d-045   RD d-046   RP d-047 16:35
b Utilizing ICT to enhance teacher collegiality (Hiroko Suzuki, Peter J. Collins) Machine translation websites: Communication tools but an impediment to communicative competence (Peter Ruthven-Stuart) Telecollaborative learning with interaction journals  (Karin Vogt, Keiko Miyake) Interactivity and authentic media in CALL (James Pusack, Sue Otto) Modeling language learners' knowledge state: What are language students' free written productions telling us? (Sylvie Thouësny, Françoise Blin) Screening, calibration, content adaptation and technology upgrade of the national language exam: The multidisciplinary S-Alto project (Bert Wylin, Piet Desmet, Sara Gysen) Developing and delivering content-based instruction through the Internet (Hiroko Sato, Hajime Kumahata) Film clips as source material in the foreign language classroom (Mark Kaiser, Chris Palmatier) b
17:20 17:20
17:25 d-048   R d-049   R d-050   R d-051   RD d-052  RP d-053   R d-054   RD @ 17:25
b Investigating technology integration into the English curriculum in German secondary schools with a focus on teachers' perspectives (Euline Cutrim Schmid) Factors affecting the integration of courseware into a communication course (Peter Ruthven-Stuart, Charles Wiz, Michael Vallance, Dominic Bagenda) (30 min.) Learners' pragmatic development and its effect on the interpersonal relationships in a telecollaborative context (Keiko Kitade, Maiko Ikeda) Curriculum integration: Computer-based listening activities (Nathan Krug, Patrick Rates, Michael Shawback, Mark Wright) Engaging collaborative writing through social networking (Vance Stevens) An analysis of Japanese university English entrance exams using corpus-based tools (S. Kathleen Kitao, Kenji Kitao) Guiding the e-learner in foreign language and communication courses (Maija Tammelin, Berit Peltonen, Pasi Puranen) @ b
18:10 18:10
@ 16:35`18:05@@Colloquium by the WorldCALL Scholarship  Recipients (4F 404/405)         c-001 16:35`18:05@@Colloquium by the WorldCALL Scholarship  Recipients (4F 404/405)         c-001 @
18:15 Move to the Reception Site Move to the Reception Site 18:15
19:00 Welcome Reception Welcome Reception 19:00
Poster Sessions
g-001 g-002 g-003 g-004 g-017 g-018 @
A quick Internet-based method to build a database for a chatbot system (Yang Ping-Che) Extroversion and associated learner strategies: Implication to e-learning (Natsumi Wakamoto) Process approach in ESL/EFL writing classes (Alipanahi Fatemeh) Three distinct phases of CALL and their advantages (Wakako Kobayashi) Can "shadowing" be a savior for Japanese EFL learners? (Shigeru Miyake) Collaborative Learning through ICT for Intercultural Competence Development (Kumiko Aoki, Eric Bray) @
g-005 g-006 g-007 g-008
Creating a ubiquitous English learning environment using an effective combination of mobile phone, Internet and face-to-face instruction (Kunitaro Mizuno) The implications of a usability study in CSL/CFL teaching and learning (Chung-Kai Huang, Ching-O Hsin, Chun-Yu Lin) Effects of teaching communication strategies:
Focusing on Learner's Monitoring and Reflection
(Emiko Izumi)
Not only technology but also methodology in CALL (Mar Gutierrez-Colon, Elisabet Pladevall) Courseware Showcase
g-009 g-010 g-011 g-012 f-001 f-002 f-003 f-004
CALL and privacy law: A Japanese case (Shudong Wang, Jeremy Boston) A study on ESP students' attitudes towards e-learning (Kwok Pui Fan Joey) Learn on the go: How to maximise students' experience of mobile learning (Nathalie Ticheler) Disintegration of online courseware and mobile communication (Masahito Watanabe) A software solution to the integration of teaching and learning in and out of class (Ryuji Tabuchi, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Akinobu Kanda, Eiichi Yubune) Appropriate intonation meaning instruction based on corpora (Goh Kawai, Patricia Vermillion) How to apply speech recognition to teaching English pronunciation? (Hiroaki Kojima, Hiroyuki Obari, Machi Okumura) Sakumon and SakumonChallenge: Semi-automated and automated question-making systems for grammar and vocabulary testing (Ayako Hoshino, Hiroshi Nakagawa)
g-013 g-014 g-015 g-016 f-005 f-006 @ @
Viewing and creating NGO-related podcasts in an EFL setting (Joseph Vincent Dias) Text-to-speech technology for EFL education: An effective use in Japan (Harumi Kataoka) The role of a WBT system in improving Japanese EFL learnersf performance (Atsuko Kuramoto, Toru Ochi) Creating cloze exercises easily and effectively (Kenji Kitao, Kenichi Kamiya) Character Compass: A pen-based character practice program (Carly J Born, Mariko Kaga) Moodle's new HotPot module: Smart learning (Gordon Bateson) @